Thierry Declerck studied Philosophy at the University of Brussels and Computational Linguistics at the University of Tuebingen. From 1991 on, he worked at the IMS in Stuttgart, where he was involved in the EUROTRA accompanying research dedicated to transfer-based machine translation. 1994 he got responsible for the Stuttgart part of the LS-GRAM EU project, working on large-scale multilingual grammars.

He joined the DFKI june 1996, where he first worked within topics like dialogue systems and information extraction and he has been leading a project dedicated to language technology based automatic hyperlinking and organisation of knowledge on the web. Later he was responsible of the MUMIS EU project, dealing with language technology based content indexing and searching of Multimedia archives. He is actually conducting the Saarbruecken contribution to the Esperonto project at the University of Saarland. This project is addressing a.o. the issue of knowledge markup of web pages, aiming at bridging the actual web towards the emerging Semantic Web.