Panel on Knowledge-Driven Content Processing and the Semantic Web

Chair : Dr. John Davies
British Telecom, UK

Multimedia applications may emphasise the importance of particular language features (e.g., those supporting the representation of spatial or temporal relationships), but as in other domains a key feature of language design will (or at least should) be finding the right balance between expressive power and "implementability". This was an important consideration in the design of OWL, but seems to have been forgotten in many of the subsequent language design efforts that aim to build on (or in some cases compete with) the success of OWL. In order to be implementable, a language should exploit existing theoretical understanding and, if possible, practical experience: developing new theory on the fly is likely to be much too time consuming and/or error prone.


Prof. Guus Schreiber
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Dr. Thierry Declerck
Saarland University

Prof. Ian Horrocks
University of Manchester

Dr. Stefan Rueger
Imperial College London