The convergence of knowledge, semantic and digital media technologies is becoming crucial in the production of new aesthetically appealing, self-adaptive and perceptually richer content. The interlinking of these research fields is fostering development of underlying - and yet completely hidden to the user - technology and workflows to allow for a constant supply of personalised multimedia content for all possible usage scenarios and user-devices.

These technologies will be the pre-requisite to allow for optimal multimedia support of digital communication, leisure time and the evolution of new highly interactive forms of entertainment. They will make it possible to blur the edges between personalised and mass produced content by enabling considerably more advanced forms of digital media creation and delivery. In terms of new forms of digital media the ability to create a compelling end-user experience is key.

This understanding has led to a vision of multidisciplinary research driving several national and international scientific forums, cooperative actions and research projects.

This workshop addresses National and European Commission funded IST projects related to integrative research targeting the engineering of new knowledge-based forms of digital media systems. It intends to bring together those forums, projects, institutions and individuals engaged in research aimed at the integration of Knowledge and Content processing technologies, and link them with industrial research and development engineers who could exploit the technology emerging from the projects. The workshop will ambrace different aspects of digital media processing including:
    Knowledge driven multimedia content analysis and understanding
    Intelligent media creation and processing tools
    Scalable and robust content representation and transmission
    Intelligent resource management and transmission control protocols
    Studies on Quality of Experience and user personalization for multimedia applications
    Content, user and network aware media engineering
    Knowledge based inference for semantic media annotation
    User adaptation and relevance feedback
    Multimodal processing